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Learn Quran Online With Proper Tajweed

Iqratul Quran Academy is Leading International Quran Teaching Institute

About Us

IqratulQuran Academy is a leading international online Quran learning institute. We are based in Pakistan but our head office is based in Canada, We have 12+ years of experience tutoring the Quran online worldwide. From more than 50 countries children & adults are learning Quran with proper tajweed online, Basic Quran reading online, Quran Memorization online, Basic Noorani Qaida online, Tafseer e Quran online, Islamic studies online, and many other online Quran courses. Iqratul Quran Academy has well-qualified online Quran tutors, and students from all over the world learning Quran with us.







What Students Says

Asfand Riaz

Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about the blind texts it is an almost Thanks, IQRA TUL QURAN ONLINE ACADEMY for the opportunity. My teacher is very patient, knowledgeable on how to manage the level of understanding in every class.

Sister Fozia

Thanks , Teachers are Professional and responsible .Strongly Recomeded to all. The admin is so much active and you get responses to your questions or inquiry with a few minutes of your message. Thanks all.

Boran Ali

Alhamdulilah Completed Quran with Tajweed from IqraTulQuran Academy never got any problem .The technical department is always available at the tap of your finger, very professional and ready to help.