We value our customers. We value their questions and their feedbacks. This is why we have set down a list of things with the help of which you can contact us and let us know what you feel about us.

Our customer service is entirely for you so that you can ask us anything that you have in mind. Moreover, you can contact us in case you want us to improve anything on our website. We will make sure that all your feedback and questions are answered and no error is left from our site. Our staff is highly capable and affectionate they will make sure you do not have any problem while working with them.

Customer Service 24 hrs a day

We remain vigilant throughout the day so that all your queries are updated. Our staff is at your disposal at any time of the way. You can contact us online whether you are in the UK or America. Our services are quite quick which means no delay from our side. We value your feedback and make sure no complaint is left unanswered.

You can contact us through the following ways

We believe it is our responsibility to answer you at the earliest. Our staff is quite trained in this area which is why they make sure all your complaints are forward to us so that we can aim to take action against this.

Our customer service

Clear Communication

Clear communication is very important in order to have a conversation that could create an impact. We believe it is important to give to the point answers which are not vague. We answer everything straight away so that you are not left more curious in the end.


Our staff is quite patient. We know how to deal with customers who are in need. Some people are chatty while some people are curious. In this way, effective work is done when the right conversation is carried out among the customer and us.

Work Ethics

We aim to convey all the messages clearly. Our responses are not vague. We have the capability of handling several customers in their own way. We have the right work ethics.


It is essential to have the right knowledge in order to convey our message properly. Our staff has a good grip on the Islamic teachings and the Quran Tafseer. In this way, with a strong grip over this subject, our staff is able to convey the message more properly and explain it to you better.

Feel free to contact us and let us know what you want. We are here to listen. In case we miss your call, we will have the notification which will remind us to get back to you as soon as possible. We are only a text or a call away from you. Stay with us!

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