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Our Popular Courses For You

Read Noorani Qaida

In this Basics Quran Reading Course offers to the kids and beginners of all ages a chance to read the Quranic booklet Noorani Qaida with the proper pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet & basic Tajweed.

Learn Quran Reading

The main goal of this special Learn Quran Online With Tajweed course is to teach kids & adults the Quran reading in an interested & easy way with the proper pronunciation & applied Tajweed rules.

Learn Basic Tajweed

The science of Tajweed is actually the knowledge of a set of linguistic & pronunciation rules to recite the Holy Qur’an as the same as the beloved last prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was reciting beautifully.

Learn Ten Qiraʼat

Our Ten Qira’at course facilitates those Quran Memorizer who are interested to learn online the ten popular methods of Quran recitations by the famous authority chains holders & authentic narrators back to the Prophet (PBUH).

Learn Tafseerul Quran

Learn Tafseer Lets Learn Quran with Tafseer i.e. accurate interpretation of the Quranic verses. This course is specially planned for those Muslims who are interested in the understanding Allah’s will, which has been stated in the Noble Quran.

Memorize Quran Online

Our online Quran hifz course makes memorising the Quran simple & efficient. It is designed to help children and adults memorise the entire Holy Quran in a short period of time, as closely like a real teacher as possible.

About Us

IqratulQuran Academy is a leading international online Quran learning institute.We have 12+ years of experience tutoring the Quran online worldwide. From more than 50 countries children & adults are learning Quran with proper tajweed online, Basic Quran reading online, Quran Memorization online, Basic Noorani Qaida online, Tafseer e Quran online, Islamic studies online, and many other online Quran courses. Iqratul Quran Academy has well-qualified online Quran tutors, and students from all over the world learning Quran with us.

Modern Education Courses

Learn Maths

Mathematics promotes logical thinking and mental rigour and is a useful method for developing mental discipline. Additionally, understanding mathematics is important.

Learn Biology

The scientific study of life is known as biology. It is concerned with living things and how they function. Numerous disciplines are included in biology, such as botany,

Learn Physics

Science's field of physics is involved with the investigation of matter and energy. It examines the composition of the cosmos and incorporates mechanics, optics,

Learn English

The standard language in many different professions, such as computer coding, is modern English, which is commonly regarded as the lingua franca of the globe.

Learn IT

Learn about IT, or the field of information technology, with the most recent, up-to-date information. Due to the availability of IT jobs, the IT industry is always in demand.

Learn Chemistry

To better understand the world around you, learn chemistry online. discovering the atomic structure, comprehending chemical equations, and learning chemistry

We want to shine the light of the Qur’an upon the masses. Young children should learn the Qur’an, and we also encourage them to memorise a lot of Masnoon duas.
It is crucial to select the greatest Quran instructor if you wish to read the Qur’an in the best possible method. You won’t need to worry any longer if you join us. The best teachers can help you learn the Qur’an while also making your Lord happy.


Lessons range from the most fundamental subjects (Arabic Letters, Harakaat, etc.) to more advanced tajweed lessons.


Learn Quran Tajwid is made to be used both independently and in conjunction with a teacher.


Every issue needs a theory explanation to understand the core concepts. By using the examples, you can master the subject. And use the test to gauge your comprehension.


Any level of learner can use this software. If you are just learning the Quran, you can choose any topic you want to master, or you can start with the very first lesson.

Client Sayings About Us

Ali Hassan@Ali_hasssan
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"The teachers & teaching system of iqratulqurn are excellent. I recommend it for all Muslims.🥰🥰"
Nazia Falak@nazia_falak
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"I am thankful for the opportunity to teach my son Quran. InshaAllah, he is improving daily."
Ghufran Jamal@ghufran
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"I am appreciative of the chance to teach the Quran to my son. InshaAllah, he's getting better every day."
Ahmad Saeed@username
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I thought the instructors were excellent, thus I'd strongly advise it to kids who can only attend sessions online.


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  • 2 classes / week
  • 8 classes / Month

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  • $ 50 USD
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  • £ 30 POUND
  • 3 classes / week
  • 12 classes / Month

Plan C

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  • $ 80 USD
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  • 5 classes / week
  • 20 classes / Month